Detectives began to question me regarding a homicide investigation.  They arrested me and held me in custody questioning me for over 11 hours.  They charged me with several felony crimes.  They completely lied about what happened while I was in custody and what I said.  I felt as if my life were over.  My father retained Mr. Martinez.  From the very beginning he took the time to listen to me.  He worked endless hours for two years on my case.  During his motion to dismiss my case he caught the detectives lying on the stand.  After his cross examination was over the Judge ruled in our favor.  She even wrote in her order these detectives have no credibility.  My entire family watched Mr. Martinez in court.  He had no fear of the detectives or the prosecutors.  My father, my entire family and I recommend him to everyone.  Mr. Martinez and his staff are extremely professional, hard working and caring.


Vince Martinez & Associates is a top notch law firm.  I have always been completely satisfied with their work.  Mr. Martinez is very aggressive in court and seems to out work the other side.  Anyone I have ever recommended to Vince Martinez & Associates has always been satisfied by their professional and outstanding work.

Ken A

My wife got cancer.  She had to miss some work to do chemo therapy and was sick due to her treatments.  Her employer discriminated against her.  Mr. Martinez from the start had a great empathy for what my wife and I were going through.  Vince Martinez & Associates got us a very satisfying result.  I have always referred people to them.  I have never had any complaints and highly recommend them.

Chris M

My son passed away due to the negligence of the county.  I felt as if my whole world was upside down.  I felt alone and scared.  The county tried to blame my son for his death.  I spoke to several different attorneys.  After speaking with Mr. Martinez I knew he was the right one for my family.  He had extreme empathy for my family.  The county tried every way possible to beat us.  Mr. Martinez and his Associates would not stop fighting for our family.  Mr. Martinez was extremely aggressive when he took the depositions of their witnesses (county employees) that tried to blame my son.  Their stories got all tangled up because they were lies.  Our family was very happy with the end result.  Although it will not bring back my son, my grandchildren and his wife are very well taken care of.  I highly recommend Vince Martinez & Associates to everyone.


My friends and I were at a local establishment celebrating an important event.  As we waited outside for our ride, we received injuries from the security guards.  The security guards tried to say we provoked them so we hired Vince Martinez & Associates.  He believed in our story from the beginning.  His office investigated and found that there were previous similar instances with this establishment.  Through further investigation they were also able to find out that some of these security guards had criminal records and some were even convicted violent felons.  Mr. Martinez went through every piece of evidence including witness statements, video, the police and witness reports.  In the depositions of their employees Vince Martinez & Associates were able to show they were inconsistent in their statements on the night in question.  In the end we were very satisfied with the settlement we received.  Throughout the entire case Vince Martinez & Associates and their staff were extremely hard working, professional and honest.


In 2015 I was charged with DWI as well as many other charges in New Mexico.  I am from out of State and was working there when I was arrested.  In the police reports the officer wrote things in there that were not true.  Mr. Martinez filed many motions.  During a motion hearing to suppress the police officer’s testimony it seemed like the Judge was about to rule for the prosecutors.  At that point Mr. Martinez asked if he could ask the prosecuting officer a few more questions under oath.  The officer testified he recorded the entire incident and checked his recoding into evidence.  He then went on to say his recorder must have been broken.  Under cross examination Mr. Martinez was able to get him to admit there were no indications what so ever his recorder was broken.  The officer also did not note this in any of his reports.  Mr. Martinez was also was able to show the court that the officer had not told the truth and a recording was never checked into evidence as he had claimed.  The officer had no idea before he testified that Mr. Martinez had a letter from the evidence room that no such recording was ever checked in to evidence.  My case was dismissed.  From the very start Mr. Martinez believed in me.  If I did not have him as my attorney no one would have believed me.  It was my word against the police.  I would highly recommend Vince Martinez and his hard working staff to anyone.


In 2015 I was charged with DWI.  I am in the financial investment industry.  If I got convicted I could have lost my job.  From the very start of my case Vince Martinez & Associates were there for me.  Mr. Martinez began to file motions immediately and do a through investigation of my case.  At trial he seemed to know the case better than the Prosecuting attorneys as well as the police.  My charges were completely dismissed.  I saw first hand how hard Mr. Martinez works outside the court room and his trial skills inside the courtroom.  I would highly recommend Vince Martinez and Associates to anyone.


In 2015 I was charged with DWI.  I met with several attorneys.  Every one I talked to told me how difficult the Motor Vehicle hearings are to win to keep my driver’s license.  After meeting with Mr. Martinez my husband and I really liked him.  He is very professional and very knowledgeable in the law.  He also told us the motor vehicle hearings are difficult, however after he reviewed my paper work, he pointed out many things the police did wrong in their investigation.  No other attorney we met with showed us this.  The motor vehicle hearing came.  Both officers testified.  Mr. Martinez cross examined them and showed many mistakes they made.  After his cross examination the officers look on their face seemed defeated.  Mr. Martinez told us the hearing officer reserved ruling and they will get a written opinion to us.  The written opinion came in the mail and we won.  The hearing officer noted after the cross examination the officer’s investigation was not sufficient to revoke my license.  The criminal case came next.  Mr. Martinez had the Motor Vehicle hearing transcribed so the officer’s could not change their testimony and if they did he would impeach them.  The same result, we won.  I am very happy with Vince Martinez and Associates and would highly recommend them to anyone.


In 2015 my grandchildren were taken from us by my son’s soon to be ex wife.  She made some horrible allegations against him regarding a domestic violence against her that were completely untrue.  She made him out to be a monster.  When we went to court in the beginning all the Judge had to go on were her and her lawyers statements and the Judge did not seem happy with my son.  After Mr. Martinez was finished pointing out all the lies and inconsistencies in her story the tables turned.  Her story unraveled right before the Judges eyes.  I now have my grand kids back.  When she first did this we had no hope.  It seemed no one believed my son.  Vince Martinez believed in us.  I am beyond happy with Vince Martinez and Associates and highly recommend them.


My friends and I were camping at Elephant Butte lake.  A fight broke out with another group.  I had no other choice but to pull out my gun.  The police were called and I got charged with several felonies.  I was referred by a friend to Mr. Martinez.  From the time I met him he was extremely aggressive in my defense.  He was able to get all my charges thrown out.  Ever since then I have referred many of my friends to Mr. Martinez.  He has always done an amazing job with every single case I have refereed him over the years.  He is very hard working, honest and fair.  His staff is very professional.  You cannot go wrong having him fight for you and your case. KJ